Accommodation in Mataram, LOMBOK.

There are several accommodation options, depending on whether you wish to stay with locals or in a hostel or hotel. Please look at the list of recommended accommodation below to help you make your selection.

Hostel and Hotel

Students are encouraged to book accommodation at a hostel/hotel in Mataram. You can book directly with the hotel, but sometimes it may be cheaper and more convenient if you book through a well-known  and reputable third party accommodation provider such as or (note: please stay away from unknown providers to avoid being scammed). If you book through these providers, make sure that you also confirm your booking with the hotel directly before your departure.

Kos (Boarding House)

Students are encouraged to book accommodation at a hostel/hotel in Mataram for the first two to three days after arrival to allow you to visit the boarding houses before making a proper selection, unless you have made a selection before departure. After the first few days, students who would like a homestay may want to find a suitable boarding house (or Kos). The resident director and/or staff of our local partner may help to locate a suitable one (after your arrival in Mataram). The cost may vary slightly depending on facilities but is generally about a third of what you would pay to stay in a hotel.

All queries related to local accommodation, dormitory accommodation and local provider information in Lombok should be directed to the local partner/provider. The provider for the 2018 RUILI Program in Mataram, Lombok, is the Mataram Lingua Franca Institute (MLFI) at:

You will also find that your buddies will be helpful in your search for accommodation, particularly homestays.

Past students attending the Mataram, Lombok program have stayed in the following accommodation.

  • Alex Haryanto
  • Kos  Hadi Irawan
  • Kos Bangkit Permadi