Accommodation in Mataram, LOMBOK

Approval to undertake the RUILI in-country study program is conditional on the following:

The following hotels have been assessed as safe and acceptable to be occupied. They are located close to the MLFI Campus. Additional hotels may be added to this site.


1. Lombok Garden

2. Grand Legi Hotel

3. Hotel Puri Indah

4. Lombok Raya Hotel

We have received copies of the safety approval certificates for these hotels

Lombok Garden Safety Assessment

Lombok Garden Letter

Grand Legi Safety Assessment

Puri Indah Safety Assessment

Lombok Raya Safety Assessment

All queries related to local accommodation, dormitory accommodation and local provider information in Lombok should be directed to the local partner/provider. The provider for the 2019 RUILI Program in Mataram, Lombok, is the Mataram Lingua Franca Institute (MLFI) at: