Course Overview

The Mataram, Lombok study program

RUILI Level Themes Expected Outcomes
Basic Social Interactions
One Self and Family Participate in conversations with local people introducing yourself and describing your personal and family situations.
Buying everyday items Visit a variety of points of sale and purchase material necessary for everyday living.
Transport, directions and locations Use local transport to travel about.
Two Education Demonstrate an understanding of how and where Indonesians obtain an education.
Health and Sports Discuss matters relating to medical conditions and personal health.
Housing Demonstrate an understanding of how and where Indonesians live.
Contacts and Appointments Make formal and informal appointments. Correctly express appreciation and take leave.
Love and Relationships Discuss issues of love and relationships of all types in modern and rural Indonesia.
Social Structures
Three Religion and Beliefs Develop an understanding of the importance of religion and personal beliefs to individuals and National Identity.
Careers and Occupations Discuss the various occupations and employment situations commonly available in Indonesia.
Village and City Compare and ask questions about urban and rural life in Indonesia and Australia.
Travelling and Celebrating
Four Adat Istiadat Develop an understanding of the importance and variety of major customs and traditions in Indonesia.
Pariwisata Converse with native speakers about tourism in Indonesia and Australia (includes Generasi Muda and Kebudayaan Pop).
Merantau Discuss the importance of Merantau in personal and social development in Indonesia.
The Workplace
Five Workplaces, Workers and Bosses Discuss industrial relations and workplace practices in Indonesia.
Women in Indonesia Overview of the ever changing roles of women in Indonesian society.
Diversity and Multiculturalism Discuss the concepts of Unity in Diversity in Indonesia.
The Indonesian Nation
Six Emergent Nationalism Discuss formative situations in Indonesian history.
Democracy in Indonesia Participate in Conversations dealing with issues important to Indonesian people: human rights, decentralization and functions in civil society.
The Living Environment and Natural Disasters Discuss factors associated with management of both Indonesia’s living environment and responses to natural disasters.
Functional Competence in Indonesian
Seven Facilitated Individual Investigations Guided development of research oriented language communication skills through investigating three preselected local social cultural issues.
Eight Independent Local Research Supervised independent in-depth study of a student chosen research topic to further develop academic language proficiency.