Fees & Grants

Tuition Fees

Students enrolled at a participating Australian university will be required to pay

  • HECS fees, deferred or paid up front, at the university where you enrol
  • International students will pay the same (full fees) as they would at the university where they enrol

Overall costs

You need to budget for your airfare (could cost around $1,200), travel/medical insurance (but check whether your university covers you while studying abroad), your accommodation (a budget hotel may cost about $20-$50 per night but homestay will probably cost $200-$300 for six weeks – depending on the host family and your negotiations, the services you request, etc.), local transport and spending money. Any extra excursions, trips or activities are voluntary and may incur a cost.

Under normal circumstances you will not be spending more than $25 a day in Indonesia, excluding accommodation. Food and transport are generally cheaper than they are in Australia. However, prices are much higher around tourist areas or elite hotels.

Grants & Scholarships

The Commonwealth government provides grants for university students to study in Asia, including Indonesia. Your university may also have other funding available. Your university administers the application and allocation procedures for such grants. You should in the first instance contact the Scholarship/Student Mobility Office (or your Indonesian language or overseas study coordinator) at your university to obtain further information about what grants or scholarships are offered.

New Colombo Plan Mobility (NCP) Grants

With funding under the Commonwealth Government Department of Education’s New Colombo Plan mobility grant scheme, RUILI may be able to offer eligible students a mobility grant (travel scholarship) to assist with travel and living costs incurred for participation in the RUILI program. The grants are up to $3000.

The Comonwealth Government stipulates several eligibility requirements for the NCP mobility grant. According to these rules, you must:

  • be between the ages of 18-28 years at the time of commencement of your study with RUILI program in Indonesia. Note: there are a limited number of places for students above the age of 28; the eligibility can be ascertained only after the closing of the online registration. If your age is outside 18-28 years old, you will be contacted after registration closes and asked to provide a 200-300 word statement about what has motivated you to apply for this program and how it fits into your academic and career plans for the future. All students are encouraged to apply for this grant during the registration process.
  • not have previously received a NCP mobility grant for short-term study overseas Note: you are still eligible if you previously received AsiaBound mobility grant funding or NCP mobility grant for semester/trimester-based study. If unsure please consult your home university before starting the online registration.
  • undertake the RUILI program for academic credit in a Bachelor or Bachelor Honours course at your home university in Australia Note: If unsure please consult your home university before starting the online registration.
  • be an Australian citizen, and not possess at the same time an Indonesian citizenship or residency.

You will be notified about the result of your application after the program’s registration closing date. Please note that you are not permitted to receive funding until you have completed all enrolment requirements at your home university and other pre-departure procedures. If you are successful you will be required to undertake further steps to progress your NCP funding application and accept an offer of funding from your home university. (Please consult the RUILI program coordinator of your home university for further advice.)

As noted above, students who are NOT eligible for a NCP mobility grant may still be able to access other financial assistance through their home university’s scholarship office (please consult your home university’s scholarship/student mobility office) or through OS-HELP: OS-HELP is a loan available to eligible students enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place who want to undertake some of their study overseas. OS-HELP can be used for a range of expenses such as airfares, accommodation and other travel or study expenses. Students may receive one loan per six-month study period and can access a total of two OS-HELP loans over their lifetime.

Students from non-RUILI consortium universities (i.e. not from CDU, UNE, USC, UTAS) who are enrolled in a RUILI program as cross-institutional students may also apply for the NCP.