Travel & Safety


Students arrange their own travel to Indonesia. You are advised to book well in advance and shop around for the best airfare. We advise purchasing a refundable or transferable ticket in case the course is cancelled.

Travel to Mataram, Lombok Island or Kupang, West Timor, is usually done through Bali or Jakarta. Please be aware that insurance may not provide coverage for events that occur during transit through areas with a known risk, such as recent volcanic activity. Iin the case of Lombok, there are several other alternatives, including flying directly from Australia, or through other countries such as Singapore or Malaysia. This information is subject to change. Students should investigate more fully what options best suit their circumstances.

  • Sources of information about Lombok include:

~Lombok Guide

~Wikitravel – Lombok

  • Sources of information about Kupang include:


~Lonely Planet-Kupang

Wellbeing, safety and security

In the registration please inform us of special health matters. Please check the Australian government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Smart Traveller Travel Advice for the latest and relevant information on Indonesia and make sure you register your travel with DFAT.

Please carefully read details and advice about wellbeing, safety and security in Indonesia in the Cautions and Warnings section. All the consortium universities reserve the right to cancel or suspend the program if the risk to Australian students is judged to be too high, so your flight bookings should be flexible and well covered by insurance.


All students must ensure they have adequate health and travel insurance for travel to and from, and for the duration of their stay in Indonesia. Please check first whether you will be covered by your home university’s insurance policy, and that you are happy with that level of cover, or whether you have to purchase your own private insurance cover.

As far as we are aware, no insurance covers against acts of terrorism. Your insurance may be void if you break the law (as at home). For example, if you ride a motorbike without a local or international licence and hurt yourself, your insurance could decline to assist or pay for your medical expenses. You really need to think about your own welfare in terms of sickness, theft, accident or violence, even your morale, especially when you are in an unfamiliar environment.

We have had no serious harm befall any of our students, but we have had cases of dengue fever cases, thefts and injuries from motorbike accidents. The Resident Director and the host university will all be looking out for you, but your own responsible behaviour and caution are your best defence.